My First Build

I wanted a view that would POP!

Corsair’s 465x case offers phenomenal air flow and great views if your looking to deck out your build with RGB lighting.

Isn’t she beautiful?
Not all sides of the case are created equal.

Like I stated above, not all sides of the case are created equal, so make sure to consider where your PC will be when considering the case for you build.

Back in September, as I was getting ready to hop into Zoom classes for the day, I ran into a problem. My laptop would not turn on! Having been a console gamer my whole life, I decided that it was finally time to build my very own computer! I’d never built one before though and couldn’t find many resources for beginners. So that’s why I made this blog. Though building a PC can seem like a very daunting task, it is actually pretty simple! Ever built a LEGO before? Well guess what? Building a PC is like building your very own high-end LEGO. Each component comes with detailed instruction manual on how to place these components into your computer so you can be gaming as soon as possible.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my first PC build!


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