Keyboard and Mouse

So you’ve completed you first build, now what?

Well, let us start with your keyboard and mouse. Keeping your budget in mind you should ask yourself; What are your favorite games to play? First Person Shooters? MMO’s? Role Playing Games? If you plan to play with a controller obviously this doesn’t matter.(If you’re wondering though I like to play with my Xbox Elite Controller series 2 for certain games) Most of my favorite games are FPS’s so I went with Corsair’s Nightsword Wired FPS Mouse. I’ll always recommend getting wired peripherals over wireless, though the added mobility may seem like a draw to many the quicker response time will always give you an advantage over your wireless opponents, especially if you decide to go with a higher end build. Furthermore, you’ll never have to worry about charging you devices.

If you don’t play FPS shooters I’d recommend taking a stop by Corsair’s or Razor’s wired mice collections. Both of these companies offer top of the line performance at competitive prices. You may notice that I am a bit of a Corsair fanboy but this is because the ease of customization that Corsair offers through their ICUE software.

For my build I went with Corsair’s K100 Keyboard with CHERRY MX Speed – Black keys

Like many gaming mice, the Nightsword comes with weights to be placed in the mouse so it feels just right.


For keyboards, the games you play aren’t as big of question. When selecting a keyboard you should be asking yourself; What is my budget? Do I want an RGB keyboard? Would I like a number pad? Do I want a mechanical or electronic keyboard? And for enthusiasts; How do I want my keyboards to sound and feel?

As you dive into the world of keyboards you’ll find the selection out there is truly massive. Don’t feel overwhelmed though, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you find what is right for you. I recommend starting over at R/MechanicalKeyBoards or R/Keyboards. There you’ll find a dedicated community of enthusiasts willing to help you find what’s right for you

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