AMD’s 6800 Video Cards

Intel can’t beat AMD’s new CPU’s and AMD can’t beat NVIDIA.

Alongside their new processors, AMD has also announced their new 6800 line of video cards. For many this may seem like something to be excited about but unfortunately AMD has seemed to drop the ball on this one. Though these cards compete with NVIDIA’s new 30 series cards, they do not blow them out of the water. Sitting at around $50 cheaper than NVIDIA’s new offerings these cards offer competitive frame rates in certain games in traditional rasterization, but they do not beat the 30 series cards by any means when Ray Tracing is activated. Also, they offer none of the machine learning technology that is featured in 30 series devices. Lastly, when it comes to productivity AMD seems to also lags behind NVIDIA, offering little to no performance boosts over the competition’s cards. Click the learn more link to watch further discussion on this topic.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend these cards even if they offer competitive pricing.

If you are an AMD fan and would like to get your hands on one of these cards they can be found here.

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