Intel vs. AMD

For the past 20 years intel has dominated the CPU landscape in terms gaming and productivity. Three years ago their AMD was on the brink of Bankruptcy, so what happened?

Ryzen happened. AMD’s saving grace. These processors shone brightly next to their Intel counterparts but that wasn’t enough; AMD had to prove to the world that they are the rightful leaders of the CPU market. Going from 16nm transistors in their 1st generation iteration of Ryzen to 12nm in the 2nd, to now 7nm transistors in their 3rd and 4th generations of processors. AMD began pumping out technology Intel had no way of competing (Intel has stated they will not have 7nm technology until 2021 the earliest). With little to no cost in power consumption or thermal output AMD’s processors have proven to be a dominating force in the desktop processing market and day by day they are eating up Intel’s once gigantic market share.

So if you are wondering if you should get an Intel CPU for your PC don’t even consider it, Team Red is here for you for the foreseeable future.

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