Let’s Add Some Ambience!

Today, I would like to cover something a little off topic but, in my opinion, an essential part of your man-cave, gaming room, or home office. And that is lighting! As seen in my discussion on RGB within your system, lighting can change the whole mood and feeling of any given room. Why wouldn’t you want some awesome lighting to complement your PC’ RGB? Philips Hue offers some of the greatest control of your room lighting. Allowing you to sync lighting to music, or the games you are playing. The immersion made possible through Philips Hue lighting is unmatched, not to mention the beauty it can offer in almost any room. To get started check out this Philips Hue light starter kit. I’d also recommend Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip.

Need some inspiration? Head over to R/Hue on Reddit to check out some of the lighting combinations made possible through Philips Hue!

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