Let’s Add Some Ambience!

Today, I would like to cover something a little off topic but, in my opinion, an essential part of your man-cave, gaming room, or home office. And that is lighting! As seen in my discussion on RGB within your system, lighting can change the whole mood and feeling of any given room. Why wouldn’t youContinue reading “Let’s Add Some Ambience!”

Intel vs. AMD

For the past 20 years intel has dominated the CPU landscape in terms gaming and productivity. Three years ago their AMD was on the brink of Bankruptcy, so what happened? Ryzen happened. AMD’s saving grace. These processors shone brightly next to their Intel counterparts but that wasn’t enough; AMD had to prove to the worldContinue reading “Intel vs. AMD”

AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Launch

The Future is bright and it is here. Looking to upgrade your CPU? Or looking to build your first PC? Well is the answer to either of those was yes, you should look into AMD’s new RYZEN 5000 series CPU’s. Running on AMD’s brand-new Zen 3 architecture these bad Larry’s offer the best performance moneyContinue reading “AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Launch”